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The star volume analysis of the mandibular trabecula shows that the V* was higher and the V*tr lower at four-week post-extraction in all groups (Table I).
Thinner trabecula and higher mean empty lacuna (black triangle) percentage in the control group (67.7% [+ or -] 13.8%, P < 0.05) than that in others.
Otros animales domesticos incluirian hasta tres celulas por trabecula, segun algunos investigadores (12).
In the present study, histomorphometric measurements of vertebrae showed that the thickness, number and volume of the trabecula all decreased with a corresponding increase in the TbSp in the unsupplemented Ovx group, compared to the Shm group.
Roshchevskaya, "Morphology of moderator bands (septomarginal trabecula) in porcine heart ventricles," Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series C: Anatomia Histologia Embryologia, vol.
Caption: Figure 6: High magnification field shows thick trabecula compressed into compact mass surrounded by sinusoids.
With regard to PDS, a significant asymmetry was noted with prominent features in the right eye including dense Krukenberg spindle, iris transillumination defects, heavily pigmented trabecula, wide open angle, and Zentmayer ring (Figure 1).
Histopathological examinations revealed that fish liver from the control treatment had normal hepatocytes arranged in trabecula forming a centripetal sinusoid (Figure 1(a)).
The hepatocytes were arranged in a trabecula running radiantly from the central vein and were separated by sinusoids containing Kupffer cells (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
Individual trabecula segmentation technique, which can decompose the trabecular bone network into individual trabecular plates and rods, was developed [14, 15]; meanwhile, a method for subdividing a trabecular network into horizontal and vertical oriented trabeculae was also put forward [8].
It can also promote the resorption of cartilage matrix and make the growth plate cartilage convert to bone trabecula in the metaphysis [21].
Conventional macroscopic mechanical tests are not able to detect the mechanical properties at the trabecula or osteon level [3,4].
The interorbital septum is low and contacts the trabecula communis.
1.0 -- Onychonema laeve Nordstedt 9.4 8.9 Pleurotaenium trabecula Nageli 1.0 -- Staurastrum angulatum West 1.0 -- Staurastrum cuspidatum Brebisson in Ralfs 1.0 -- Staurastrum gracile Ralfs ex Ralfs 1.0 2.2 Staurastrum leptocladum L.N.
Durante a adolescencia a trabecula e cortex osseo se tornam mais espessos por aposicao da rede endosteal, o que aumenta a densidade aparente (Parfitt, 1997).