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But the Roman shrines are salient to this discussion for two reasons: because a number of those that displayed on high a relic pertaining to the death of a holy person also incorporated an altar at floor level over which the reliquary chamber projected, forming a canopy; and because despite their otherwise trabeated construction, many if not all were crowned by a small polygonal cupola no doubt meant to simulate a dome.
The declared ambition, made early on in a disparate collection of introductory essays, is the creation of a sweeping system, one capable of replacing the flat slab concrete frame and trabeated steel skeleton, contemporary structural canons that the presentation narrow-mindedly attributes to Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe respectively.
In addition, the intent to create something other than a state portrait is suggested by the presence of items with spiritual significance: the ecclesiastical robes, Bible, bell, and image of a cross formed on the palla by the reflection of a cross-decorated curtain or of the cross-shaped framing bars of a trabeated mullioned window, with its tinted, but predominately clear, glass panes.
Erected like a shed roof on columns above a freestanding casket, or rising like a triangular pediment atop pilasters to articulate the surface of a wall-tomb, the trabeated canopy with an angled profile enjoyed limited popularity mainly during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
The complete contrast between the Eisernes Haus's trabeated form and the bulging, fluid amoeba simply serves to clarify their relationship.
Things like their contribution to Ballu's Oran Cathedral, or the banal exterior of the famous Ateliers Estiers workshop, correct the old, too orderly picture of their inexorable reformulation of French classicism in terms of a language of trabeated concrete.
Reaching the ground between the olives, you can study the videos of the country, or turn round to be reminded of the traditional cantilevers of old Turkish timber houses in the structure of the platforms, which bear out from massive trabeated frames of laminated timber, with their construction clearly articulated.