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Synonyms for toxin



Synonyms for toxin

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

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a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species

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So the discovery of a new toxin in a strain of Enterococcus is raising scientific eyebrows.
Though many websites list the toxin as heat-labile, destroyed at a certain temperature for a certain time, both certified chefs have been taught that they shouldn't even try to remove the toxin.
Tests that detected GDH, toxins A/B, or toxin genes were included, and all sites underwent a training period provided by assay manufacturers.
The light intensity corresponds to the toxin concentration.
Bt toxin is released into soil through root exudates and the recycling of crop residues [3-4].
Current immunological tests, such as the ELISA, cannot distinguish between the active and inactive form of Shiga toxin in processed food.
A small protein active in the human immune response can disable bacterial toxins by exploiting a property that makes the toxins effective--but also turns out to be a weakness.
Shah's stem cells escape this fate because they are made with a mutation that doesn't allow the toxin to act inside the cell.
After doing all of the molecular analysis and imaging to track the inhibition of protein synthesis within brain tumors, we do sec the toxins kill the cancer cells and eventually prolonging the survival in animal models of resected brain tumors.
This "nanosponge vaccine" enabled the immune systems of mice to block the adverse effects of the alpha-haemolysin toxin from MRSA-both within the bloodstream and on the skin.
KEY WORDS: diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, lipophilic toxin, okadaic acid, abalone, gastropod, Haliotis discus hannai
The study was undertaken to elucidate the machanisms by which the novel toxin from V.
Understanding the mechanisms and pathways that toxins use is "of fundamental importance," comments Giampietro Schiavo, of Cancer Research UK in London, who studies a related toxin that causes tetanus and also travels in the body via nerve cells.
This strain is classified as ribotype 027, toxinotype III, and possesses genes encoding toxins A, B, and CDT (binary toxin) as well as a deletion in the tcdC gene, which is believed to increase virulence (2).
To study airborne toxin exposure in a more controlled setting, the research team used a sheep model of asthma.