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Synonyms for toxic

Synonyms for toxic

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Antonyms for toxic

of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison

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There doesn't seem to exist a natural world outside this factory, and it's in the organic forms sprouting from within that we see beauty and defiance, refusing industrial productivity: the textures of mold and calcification, the toxically vibrant colors of chemical build-up, the rust, the whimsical shape and movement of steam, the ripple of liquids.
The lake of his cultural engagement is fed not only by the clean fountain of his theology but also by a toxically polluted river of ideological claptrap.
Metzler's dialogue is so whip-smart and tartly funny that we almost don't notice how deftly she sandblasts the earth under her characters' feet, the better to leave them dangling helplessly--and, just maybe, reaching out across the class chasm that has toxically split them.
Celebrity and fame are transient and perhaps more toxically used to distract people from genuinely important things," he says.
Poverty and homelessness have a complex and, at times, toxically co-dependent relationship, one often riding on the coattails of the other.
The rule of capitalism, for all the mild socialistic safeguards we have erected, is toxically capricious.
Gowanus, the Brooklyn neighborhood long-derided for its toxically polluted Gowanus Canal, could sustain an extra 1,500 to 2,000 residential units, industry experts say, once the Environmental Protection Agency-mandated canal cleanup goes through, according to the Brooklyn Paper.
This is writing as erasure, but not in the toxically cant-ridden sense in which that term is employed by literary theorists.
Toxically Unauthentic Info: You'll show your best side, of course, but remember that honesty is the best policy.
Additionally, the corrosion process itself affects the environment toxically by releasing heavy metals (Belghazi et al.
It can be reached when a constituent contained in a plant extract or an agent artificially added to an extract "neutralizes" or destroys a toxically acting constituent and, therefore, generates a better effectiveness as compared with the original raw drug.