toxic waste dump

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a location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally)

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In late 1989, the state delegation of the Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology (Sedue) - since replaced by the Secretary of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fish - responded to complaints from residents of Mexquitic de Carmona County in San Luis Potosi by shutting down a toxic waste dump owned by a Mexican company, Technical Confinement of Industrial Wastes (Coterin).
2) For the second time in five years, the NFL is considering a former toxic waste dump in Carson for a football stadium.
CONTROVERSIAL plans to create Britain's first underground toxic waste dump in Cheshire were given the goahead yesterday.
I doubt if attending nursery school for 24 hours a day would have prevented a single childhood leukaemia unless the school was sited well away from the toxic waste dump.
If you do have a home lab, perhaps you could check it out sometime soon, and take anything that might be dangerous to the household toxic waste dump in your area.
Is it going to lead to echoes of the old septic Ulster, a nod and a wink here and thanks for permission to build a toxic waste dump in Gortin glens there?
Greece was fined by the European Court of Justice yesterday over a toxic waste dump close to a resort popular with British holidaymakers.
In December, for instance, the news media generated a small tidal wave of stories about Gore's supposed claim that he discovered the Love Canal toxic waste dump.
Tomasky's left--the bad, screw-up left--will not be immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever joined a union picket line, or sat at a sidewalk table to register voters, or campaigned against the local toxic waste dump.
Her own "school" in Attawapiskat First Nation was composed of a bunch of run down portable trailers set beside a toxic waste dump.
Lebanon suffers myriad environmental problems, including rapid deforestation and a four-storey toxic waste dump in the southern city of Sidon which regularly collapses into the Mediterranean Sea.
It's easier to locate a toxic waste dump then to build affordable housing in this town,'' he said.
They may the discover that the school was built on a toxic waste dump and press for significant change.
The operators of Trecatti will have to decide whether it should function as a municipal tip or an industrial toxic waste dump.
A PUBLIC inquiry into controversial plans to create Britain's first underground toxic waste dump deep under Cheshire ended yesterday.