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inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or a toxin

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6 Various drugs and many commercially available substances such as herbal products and dietary supplements may be responsible for acute toxic hepatitis.
Hereinafter, we describe the case of a patient from our hepatology services, which was diagnosed with toxic hepatitis induced by albendazole.
With those results, it was possible to confirm toxic hepatitis and associated hepatic encephalopathy was suspected.
All cases of toxic hepatitis in this plant developed after the change of the disposal process to thermochemical reaction-type treatment using unslaked lime reacted with industrial wastes.
If the pattern suggests ischemic or toxic hepatitis and the clinical picture is consistent, no further testing is needed.
Two deaths were attributed to nevirapine therapy, one from drug-induced toxic hepatitis and the other from severe skin rash and sepsis.
Two deaths were attributed to nevirapine therapy one from drug-induced toxic hepatitis and the other from severe skin rash and sepsis.
Since the patient presented with an acute liver damage, our first diagnostic hypothesis was an acute toxic hepatitis.
The former Argentina captain left a Buenos Aires clinic on Tuesday after treatment for toxic hepatitis bought on by alcohol abuse and over-eating.
Cases of acute toxic hepatitis in two patients--one in California and one in Texas-- have been attributed to ingestion of an herbal nutritional supplement product derived from the leaves of the creosote bush known commonly as chaparral.