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The text describes a doomed mission to Mars prompted by toxic conditions on earth, but Martinson was more interested in imagining different possibilities of what space itself might be.
Successful coal mining may bring the country progress, but it should be remembered this progress is built on the backs of labourers working in toxic conditions.
This is because drugs such as paracetamol and aspirin could trigger toxic conditions in the developing brain that lead to permanent damage, or could disrupt the normal level of a mother's hormones needed to regulate brain development.
Other causes which lead to bilateral mydriasis include toxic conditions (atropine intoxication, Parkinson drugs, antidepressants, carbonmonoxide intoxication, cocaine), conditions secondary to morbidities (migraine, schizophrenia, hyperthyroidism, coma) and Parinaud oculoglandular syndrome.
For Patterson, the fact that Africana programs devote such precious little to one of the most important issues that confront the Black populace--that is, the toxic conditions that exist in the neighborhoods where large numbers of Black people in the United States dwell--represents a "lost opportunity"
The RQIA report also said the home has failed to meet regulations that minimise the risk of infection and toxic conditions and the spread of infection as well as keeping the home free from bad smells during two previous inspections.
It is also very important to rule out any possible metabolic disorder, as toxic conditions. Earl Grey tea intoxication has been reported as a cause of widespread fasciculations and cramps (2)
The 'top seven stressors' for health practitioners identified by the Council were: wealth expectations from society and family; dysfunctional marriages and relationships; work-related fear of failure and low self-esteem due to inadequate training; expensive lifestyles on a 'relatively poor' salary; pre-existing or new medical and mental problems; long working hours in toxic conditions with inadequate resources; and increasing debt due to loans to finance lifestyle.
The water in the so-called "mixed zone" exceeds water quality standards, but regulators allow it as long as the plant avoids creating acutely toxic conditions and protects humans and wildlife.
What about the presentations to primary health and the emergency department by builders, contractors and workmen with more minor injuries--not only a result of their work but also the risk of less focused attention related to sleep disturbances, stress and exposure to potentially toxic conditions in "red zone" properties and others?
The research considers the composition of the oceans 550-700 million years ago and shows that oxygen-poor toxic conditions, which may have delayed the establishment of complex life, were controlled by the biological availability of nitrogen.
Should Stars and Stripes wind up at Fort Meade, soldiers on the base would most likely want to bombard the reporters with calls about the horrific toxic conditions at the base--conditions so bad the federal Environmental Protection Agency filed a lawsuit demanding it be cleaned up--an extraordinarily expensive process that began in December 2010.
Zinc, on the other hand, has been reported to maintain the integrity of cells under certain toxic conditions. The present study was conducted to evaluate the adverse effects of 131I on RBCs and also to assess the protection provided by zinc under these conditions.
Dohle bodies are pale blue, oval cytoplasmic remnants of ribosomes observed in infections and other toxic conditions. Chediak-Higashi inclusions are giant granules in the cytoplasm of leukocytes, believed to be giant fused lysosomes.
The workers encountered toxic conditions: 63% were exposed to blood or bodily fluids, 80% to human remains, and 99.5% to dust.