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Synonyms for toxic

Synonyms for toxic

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Antonyms for toxic

of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison

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When you're in a toxic relationship, it's sometimes hard to spot the signs and accept the truth.
The point, Tessier concluded, is that the seemingly identical non-toxic and toxic arrangements must have some distinguishing feature yet to be discovered, raising questions for future study.
With increasing links between toxic minerals in the body and chronic heart, vascular, brain, and developmental maladies, it is increasingly important to understand toxic minerals and what to do about them.
Toxics Targeting Reports can be ordered on PropertyShark.
Under this theory, the exposure to a toxic substance, exposure in residence and manifestation of injury or disease, all qualify as a single injurious process and occurrence.
Enterotoxin and toxic shock syndrome toxin-I production of methicillin resistant and methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus strains.
The council on Monday asked the Toxics Advisory Board to take a closer look at its expansion proposal, and consider adding only those companies that use more than 2,640 pounds of chemicals a year.
Toxic Emotions at Work might logically belong more in the realm of sociology than strategy -- and Frost is a professor of organizational behavior whose day-to-day ties to the corporate milieu are tangential.
A factor in some cases might he exposure to a high level of a specific toxic element, it could be long-term exposure to a critical level, it could be diet, it could be chance.
Because of the widespread use of these highly toxic materials, the rate of industrial illness among semiconductor workers, called systematic poisoning, is higher than in other manufacturing sectors," SVTC Program Director Leslie Byster has written.
The EPA's revised definition actually meant total TRI-reported waste increased between 1991 and 1993, leaving the public with the highly misleading impression that ever-escalating mountains of toxic chemicals were poisoning the environment.
Bob's newest revelation is that the process of manufacturing these allegedly hazardous pigments actually consumes thousands of tons of highly toxic industrial waste, turning it into beneficial and environmentally innocuous products.
The disproportionate location of sources of toxic pollution in communities of color is the result of various development patterns.
For more than three decades, Monsanto, Amoco, and Arco dumped toxic waste at the Brio Refining Site, which abuts South Bend.
PreKote replaces both chromium and non-chromated conversion coating systems, replacing acid etches, solvent washes and other toxic substances on metal and composite substrates prior to priming and painting.