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(nautical) a rope used in towing

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Each wave had lost a glider, either by towropes breaking or engines on the transport planes overheating, requiring a lightening of the load by releasing a glider.
We also have more unusual items for sale like a bird-scarer with two gas cylinders and a battery, a steel towrope, a pair of binoculars and a large amount of new clothes and shoes.
The ship then reduced sail and we went alongside to take the towrope.
It is always a good idea to keep a strong towrope in your vehicle.
The investigation has been hampered because the car towrope Mark was found hanging from had been disposed of along with a number of other items, it was revealed yesterday.
Dogs are a skier's best friend - at least in the sport of Skijoring, where one or two dogs are harnessed to pull a cross-country skier with a towrope.
Fourteen-year-old Brittany Abraham-McAlister clips the end of the towrope to the hook at the front of the glider.
Glovebox gadgets THERE are some basic items that everybody's glovebox or boot should contain at all times, ranging from a first aid kit to a warning triangle and towrope.
He let go of the towrope, lifted one leg, and fell forward, as if some mischief maker had shoved him from behind.
They once wrapped the sled's towrope around the legs of a young moose, and another time they chased a grizzly bear for two miles down a creek glazed with ice, dragging the sled and the two of us along behind.
The divers, transported in a support boat (separate from the towing vessel), are positioned well ahead of the sled and close to the downwind side of the sled towrope.
kit, towrope, booster cables and a flashlight with extra
Always use a towrope to pull up your gear and unloaded firearm or bow.
The Stratford-upon-Avon Canal is a narrow canal and in olden days the towing horse would go over the bridge on the towpath and the towing ropes would slip through the towrope slit.