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townsman unacquainted with country life especially a slick and flashy male city dweller

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Another Tamworth man, Matthew McGuire, was not the shrinking violet that Vale had been the night before - McGuire was round in level par in his first round - but, while Vale's elation grew, his townee was heading for the dumps.
He was very much a social figure himself - a "townee" as Auden says - shared with Auden an aversion for the high Romantic priests of nature and spirit, and moreover lived and wrote in an age when a poet of his urbanity and wit could still count on a modest public celebrity.(4)
The other big factor was that he was essentially a townee, Penelope a countrywoman.
Broadhurst will certainly welcome the company of his chirpy young townee. He's been out of the game for three months and he's struggling to find his game and his confidence.
Playing for the Holden Townees, sponsored by HCTV, were John Whipple, DPW - Highway Div & Fire Dept.; Steve DeWitt, DPW - Building Grounds Div & Fire Dept.; James Hanna, Chuck Borowy, Ryan Mouridian, Kevin Fagerquist, Mark Ponte, Derek Hirons, Heidi LaFleur-McAlice and Dave Russo, Fire Department; Mark Elbag Jr., Water & Sewer Superintendent; John Woodsmall, DPW Director of Public Works; Jacquie Kelly, town manager; Adam Hickey, DPW Build/Ground Div.; Liz Arguin, Clerks Office -Senior Clerk; and Marlene Whipple, DPW Senior Clerk.
What she's spotted in her yard so far: Three dozen kinds of birds, including Western tanagers, flickers, grosbeaks, chickadees, Spotted townees, rufous and Anna's hummingbirds, and Cooper's hawks Butterflies such as swallowtails, painted ladies, and fritillaries much greater than] Bees [much greater than] Ladybugs [much greater than] Lacewings [much greater than] Pacific tree frogs.
Illegitimacy or bearing and begetting illegitimate children carried a stigma among the large number of middle-class people, and even lower-class "townees" married, their wives being expected to settle down and become respectable.