towing line

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(nautical) a rope used in towing

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The tow from the Saguenay lasted about six hours, when the towing line broke; we then hooked up another towing line and awaited the arrival of the Royal Auxiliary Naval tug Samsonia.
Each rocket is connected via a towing line to 170 meters of mine clearance hose that is stowed folded in the uncovered base of the turret on the vehicle roof.
The Atlantic 75 Pride of Leicester was launched and put a crew member on board the yacht who secured a towing line that enabled the lifeboat to pull the yacht clear of the rocks.
Due to the use of these ropes, marine mooring lines, ship-assist ropes, inland towing lines, and hoisting lines become stronger, lighter, more buoyant, and less susceptible to abrasion.
Storms meant the structure was cast adrift, crew members were washed overboard, but all was well, crew rescued, towing lines reconnected.
The captain, Mike Russell, backed up the yacht and we boarded, off in minutes into the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, towing lines rigged with 6-inch baitfish in hopes of mahi, tuna and perhaps, marlin.