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Synonyms for towheaded

having light hair

Synonyms for towheaded

of hair color

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Parton from "The Circus in the Attic," she has only "covert, sidewise, curious glances for the world" as, on the York family's Saturday excursions into town, she and her three towheaded sons look "into store windows and at the people" (121).
The Virgin, wearing a red velvet gown befitting a Renaissance queen, gently swaddles the infant Redeemer amid a gathering of towheaded angels--all depicted in a sumptuous architectural setting that evokes not biblical Nazareth, but the luxurious world of Gossaert's wealthy patrons.
Remember: Sunny streaks should never be more than two shades lighter than gout current hue, even if you were a towheaded tot.
Have you noticed the world is crammed with hop toads and cat's tongues, with the painted curves, bends and folds of flowers, the tang of apples, the light-footed grace of running deer, the dazzle and twist of sleek leaping trout in a stream, the time-sculpted crags, wrinkles and wizened features of our glittery-eyed elders, the bony knees of towheaded children, the sweet and haunting incoherence of our own dreams?
His examples are not the subtle stuff of arty intellectual magazines (in chapter 8 he demonstrates how the Liquify filter can be used to turn a towheaded toddler into a tiny, spooky-looking Gotham City superhero), but the information is excellent, and he includes "pearls of wisdom" throughout.
"A lot of people describe me as chubby or towheaded," muses the theatre-trained New Yorker.
At one end of the boat is a mock cabin, flanked by a pair of dazed-looking female mascots--busts of towheaded maidens with their bodices pulled down to show their bare breasts.
On June 5, nine-year-old Jordin Paulder, a towheaded boy with "chubby cheeks," as the newspapers described him, was playing in the parking lot of the Chastain Apartments in Sandy Springs, Georgia, part of metro Atlanta.
It was a remarkably diverse group of people: a schoolteacher, several retirees, a young mom with her towheaded twins, a mechanic, an opera singer, a furniture maker, a woman who worked in a metal fabrication plant in Staunton.
In addition to foisting Digimon onto Saturday morning audiences, Toei has already sounded out the UK market with its wild-haired, towheaded hero Yu-Gi-Oh--a trading card and video game tie-in that makes the merchandising power of Nintendo's Pokemon seem, er, poky.
Maybe Dean should just have made a commercial: a good-looking, crinkly-eyed white guy in a T-shirt and jeans, with just a few manly smudges, fishing with his little towheaded son while Grandpa plays a harmonica and Tommy Lee Jones intones: "Send a man to Washington: Send ...
Rosie's adopted towheaded lads and lassies are rummaging around on the floor and the camera pans over a pair of women's feet, always in the family home with the kids -- and they're not Rosie's.
They say they are looking out for shareholders, of course, but their true minders are those towheaded Wall Street analysts who are bored with media companies even when times are robust.
The way the story goes, a trespassing towheaded pre-teen barged into the rustic country cottage of a nuclear family of anthropomorphic bruins.