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thick steak cut from the beef tenderloin

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Our Recommendation: Crevettes au Melon, Escargots, Paella Marisco and Tournedos Rossini
The salmon and the tournedos were but two of the outstanding choices on the menu, which made selection very tough.
Also there, only not with Les, Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch tucking into a Tournedos Rossini .
Tournedos could not follow up in the Epsom "Dash", but is still reasonably handicapped for this assignment.
Salmon Tournedos and Medallions --Salmon Tournedos with Bacon (available In 95g, 10Og and 115g portions) and Salmon Medallions (available in 80g, 90g and 10Og portions).
But they don't give these pounds 70,000 prizes away cheaply and there are many dangers including Tournedos, Gallery Girl and big Jim Goldie's Orientor.
With Tournedos a nonrunner in Our Little Secret's race, Silvestre de Sousa switched to unsuccessful favourite Peace Offering, but the Brazilian had better luck on another Dandy Nicholls horse, Lucayan Dancer.
Also, tournedos of filet mignon topped with grilled tomato, asparagus, artichoke hearts and bearnaise sauce have been added to the steak listings, now totaling eight.
Mick Channon was beaming from ear to ear after Tournedos came from last to first to land the Betfair Molecomb Stakes by a neck from Mary Read.
You can't go wrong with French classics, such as pates and tournedos, or locally inspired combinations, such as creme brulee and coconut ice cream.
For an unusual--and delicious--main course, try Tournedos of Lobster-Henri IV.
The main course will be beef medallion tournedos served with squash and mashed potatoes.
Cradock's exotic concoctions of Crepe Suzette, Tournedos Rossini with mauve Duchesse Potatoes and the Taj Mahal made from Italian meringue speak to her of foreign climes and sophistication.
Le rendia culto, aquella noche en La Colombe, a la muchacha que alli me citaba clandestinamente, aunque la verdad es que le rendia culto tambien al excelente tournedos que con ella comi siempre, con musica de fondo epoca Francois I-er.
Supply and delivery of drumsticks, Tournedos, Stir-fries, Nuggets, Chicken wings, Turkey.