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visited by throngs of tourists


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Riding camel- back on the sand dunes to watch the sun set in the Thar Desert, trying to match the steps of the folk dancers in the evening ( you don't really have a choice, they force you to participate), visiting the Jaisalmer Fort and the havelis nearby, lounging by the poolside with a drink at the Rang By Sobha Menon Mahal Hotel and making the most of the famed Rajasthani hospitality -- yes, it was one of those slow- paced holidays where you get to do all the touristy stuff and still have enough time to relax in your hotel.
We spent Saturday doing lots of touristy things, things that I myself, having lived here my whole life, had never thought to do.
Thursday's panel, to be held at the Beer Garden of the touristy Navy Pier on Chicago's downtown lakefront, is themed "Melting pot or boiling point?
Off the beaten track from touristy Monterey, this 103-acre jewel, on the shore of a windswept peninsula, has been a retreat for Southern California recluses for nearly 100 years.
The first was a superb experience, but we tended to do the slightly more touristy thing," he explains.
The more business-oriented places are in the middle of the city, while touristy ones - such as the Hilton and the Royal Mirage - are by beautiful beaches, often complete with camel rides.
As Ballet Preljocaj further defines itself as a beacon in this touristy university town, "Danse a Aix" will disappear.
Leave it to the celebrities to turn this touristy lei into a fashion movement.
His approach is simplicity itself: Touristy souvenirs, seemingly from exotic places like Africa but all purchased from markets in London, have been glued together to form two three-dimensional parallelograms set onto two rickety drafting tables, reminding us that it is indeed time to go back to the drawing board where ethnic assimilation is concerned.
We check out new cool beaches and shop all the touristy stores.
We started in Beijing, and before setting off on the trek proper we had a chance to see some touristy sights like Tiananmen Square, where we chanced upon teams of people in blue overalls peeling chewing gum off the pave stones.
Although a touristy theme mall is just blocks away, this section of the Seaport is not going to draw tourists, said Richard Berry, managing member of Zuberry Associates.
Nevertheless, most of what a person learns of her in the touristy parts of the French Quarter are myths, twisted truths and lies--as is often the case with most things voodoo.
We all know there's life outside Cardiff - especially for those visitors seeking the real green, green grass of a region rich in all sorts of touristy trappings.
First-class hotels are mostly confined to larger cities and touristy Nosy Be in the north.