tour of duty

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a period of time spent in military service

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We can only wish them all well and hope they return home safely from this tour of duty.
Unconfirmed reports earlier this month suggested that Prince Harry's unit, A Squadron of the Blues and Royals, had been warned unofficially to expect a six-month tour of duty in southern Iraq starting in April.
While in Portugal, Hervey's mind wanders back to his tour of duty 20 years previous in the Napoleonic Wars.
the presiding official, bid farewell to Dellarocco and thanked him for his outstanding tour of duty as ASC director.
Black-and-white photographs and maps supplement this unique recounting of a military tour of duty within an enemy nation on the verge of collapse.
Louis with a two-year tour of duty in the Netherlands Antilles.
In order to make his tour of duty less stressful, Brandywine finds ways to get around the system.
And the Pentagon is mulling reducing the standard combat tour of duty from 12 months to nine, or perhaps even less.
Heading home from his daily tour of duty, Officer Christopher R.
His first tour of duty was with the famed Black Sheep of Marine Fighter Squadron (VMF) 214 during WW II.
YOUNG Coventry soldier Lee Minehane, currently on a tour of duty in the war-torn Afghan capital of Kabul, didn't want his mum to send the usual chocolate and crisps last time he spoke to her.
Born in 1948 in Detroit, he studied photography at UCLA, after a year tour of duty in Vietnam.
One of the instruments, Python, recently ended its 5-year tour of duty.
Rangers' Aussie star Tony Vidmar insists the Faroe Islands was a breeze - because he's done a tour of duty in VIETNAM and trained on a MINEFIELD
Navy, where he served from 1968 to 1971, including a tour of duty in Vietnam.