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a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness

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Another longtime newsletter associate took the bold personal step of abandoning his toupee, to reveal a handsome bare head to us all.
At ArtNews Magazine's new book division I worked 60-hour weeks accomplishing nothing at all, until the day my boss straightened his toupee and suggested I seek employment elsewhere.
35 of Time (July 8, 2002): "All the President needs is a solar toupee and a cut-glass English accent.
When confronted about their attire by "Entertainment Tonight" host Julie Moran, who was one of the hosts of the video, Ballmer ripped off a toupee he was wearing and stormed out of the office, while Gates confessed he "always dress(ed) this way.
Or I would have conjured up Charlatan Heston, in his Y toupee, catatonically mouthing something about his cold, dead fist while brandishing a rifle.
4 Kyodo North Korean leader Kim Jong Il wears a toupee to hide a receding hairline, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday.
Dear Prof Root, Thank you for forwarding your prototype of Root's All-Electric Toupee And Follicle Regenerator which, I regret to inform you, was irreparably damaged during extensive trials conducted by our Mr Merryweather.
There's some green shaggy stuff on the smooth side, like a toupee.
Senator Leila de Lima continued her tirades on Tuesday, this time targeting Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and his toupee.
ON TOUPEE THE WORLD Travolta's hair is suspiciously thick back in September
2 Teaming up with Terry Wogan on a money-saving male grooming show called Toupee Or Not Toupee?
It's a closed set so all the doors and windows are shut, it's boiling, everybody is dripping with sweat and you've got bits of nylon stuck to you with toupee tape.
The hairpiece - complete with three stripes of toupee tape on the inside - was worn by the artist around 1980.
Everyone's sweeping everything under the rug, like an accountant with a bad toupee who thinks you don't notice iris rug.
Well, maybe with his prize money for the title he should buy a new toupee.