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Synonyms for toughie

a rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions

Synonyms for toughie

an aggressive and violent young criminal

a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem

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As he came out, the ABVP toughies heckled and abused him.
Even on Wednesday, the ABVP toughies had an argument with the university Registrar demanding his resignation.
It favors civil liberties, AIDS research, curbing dogs in Georgetown, and similar toughies.
THEY may look like toughies in their leathers - but these bikers are all big softies at heart.
Later, as we were passing through the long corridor on the way to dinner, I wanted to ask him whether he had actually not recognized the famous Conceptual artist or whether that had just been a little power game when he said, "That's the worst, isn't it, on these occasions, these shams, these sham toughies.
The police would also be on the lookout for rock-throwing incidents victimizing motorists, usually perpetrated by street toughies or drug-crazed youths, he said.
GDN, April 11), I regard myself as one of those toughies that the writer refers to.
Last Sunday was a great moment for two admirable toughies.
The first of back-to-back toughies for the Clips that could get them headed back toward the No.
But when the world's most powerful man wept in public, he was joining a formidable list from the historically stiff upper lip royals to the Iron Lady and sporting toughies.
The blue-flowered Passiflora caerulea is top of the toughies and its ivory-flowered cousin will stand up to even colder temperatures.
And Colin Wells will team up with Karl Weber as the new toughies of the pounds 10million show.
Guess the poultry purveyor delivered to Gambrino's a batch of toughies.