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Synonyms for toughie

a rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions

Synonyms for toughie

an aggressive and violent young criminal

a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem

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Roth continued signing his posters, apparently unmoved, until he furtively leaned over toward me and said, with a straight face, in a low voice: "Well, this guy's a real toughie, isn't he?
Entourage star Adrian Grenier (11%), Orlando Bloom (10%), Josh Harnett (8%), Russell Crowe and Daily Show host Jon Stewart (5% each), urban superstar Usher (4%), Sopranos' toughie James Gandolfini (3).
Regarded as the last known member of his species, Toughie was described as 'handsome,' presumably according to tree frog standards, and had won the hearts of movie directors as well as race car drivers, reports The Huffington Post.
uk/rules EASY SU-DOKU TOUGHIE HERE are the numbers for Day 6 of Game 35 on your Bingo card.
The double-dogleg 555-yard eighth, the second of the three par fives, has always been a toughie due to the creek running down the right side Story of last year Roger Chapman led by five going into the final day and held his nerve almost until the end, hanging on to edge out John Cook by two Weather forecast Hot (up to 27C) and humid after early-week storms.
It''s a toughie this time, and not for any good reasons.
The kid was a bit of a toughie, but he had the better skill.
On the match, he added: "Although not in the leading group, Barnsley gave us one of the hardest games of the season back in September, and we know we'll be in for a toughie," said Shaw.
Those last two away trips were crucial but we came home unscathed and now it's another toughie.
The UK official record is stuck at 62lb and that means Roger Sherwin, of Dagenham, Essex, cannot take the title with a 76lb 8oz toughie (pictured) caught in a local Upminster fishery.
To name just two: Marin County's Joe Nation, a sharp economist, or the East Bay's Joseph Canciamilla, a toughie against special interests.
SCHOOLCAST Dividing energy between academia and me-time can be a toughie.
She has turned the recklessly upwardly-mobile Karen into a genuine character, alternately foul-mouthed and touchingly vulnerable, a toughie with oodles of sex appeal.
Romijn-Stamos subverts the usual female frailty that overwhelms the suspense genre by being balls-to-the-wall nasty; unlike a lot of DePalma fare, she's the toughie throughout.
But I think if I were a man, I'd be a real toughie, a kind of a gruff--I'd be a man's man.