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Synonyms for toughen

Synonyms for toughen

to become or cause to become tough or strong


to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Words related to toughen

make tough or tougher

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The Liquid Soul remix really toughens it up and is a real beast of a track, sure to completely destroy many a dance floor.
Creative Nail Design Toughen Up, pounds 10 Strengthens and toughens the nail while forming a sticky base to anchor polish.
THOUSAND OAKS - The city will draft an ordinance that toughens measures against slumlords in an effort to prevent the kind of hazardous conditions that led to a recent city raid on a squalid neighborhood near downtown.
HB 1057 toughens state drunk driving laws by cracking down on repeat offenders, provides for increased penalties for extreme blood alcohol levels (BAC), and requires ignition inter-lock systems for 2nd time offenders.
All of these "preventive" measures ultimately lengthen the time it takes the skin to toughen up.