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Synonyms for toughen

Synonyms for toughen

to become or cause to become tough or strong


to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Words related to toughen

make tough or tougher

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toughen a was quite lacked the N need older make through I think Benitez is trying to toughen a squad which was quite thin and which lacked physicality Olivier Bernard
I saw it as a natural way of creating aggression and making sure they would toughen up.
The boys have been going to the gym after training so they're doing their bit to toughen up.
Mjallby also said refs should toughen up in the face of criticism.
In a call made to policy makers, the central bank stressed the need for proposals that can toughen capital standards for banks in the nation, especially for the nation's two biggest banks, UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) and Credit Suisse (NYSE: S).
Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene and Ethylene-Propylene elastomers grafted with maleic anhydride (SEBS-g-MA and EP-g-MA, respectively) were used to toughen the nylon-matrix composites.
Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday defended moves to toughen up Britain's anti-terrorism regime.
Roberta Benjamin, director of charter schools for LAUSD, said Our Community School had agreed to toughen up its language arts and math programs and do more interim testing to make sure students are meeting academic goals.
Regarding your CEO Summit analysis on Sarbanes-Oxley (January/February 2005): We have determined that public companies worried that the 109th Congress will revisit and toughen the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are in for some good news and some bad news.
Hippo Fragility is solid yet fragile in her feelings--everything hurts her and she sees insults everywhere: it's up to a rude bully to break toughen her up in this zany story.
Mukherjee, and their UC-Davis coworkers aimed to toughen a ceramic made of alumina crystals only nanometers wide.
Mosher thinks Congress should toughen the amendment's enforcement provisions as well: Right now, if USAID violates the law, it's required merely to promise to mend its ways.
All of these "preventive" measures ultimately lengthen the time it takes the skin to toughen up.
Comment by AbbieG Tougher measures to ban drinking, begging and sex in public in Moseley Toughen up?
THE government is today being urged to toughen up the law to ensure that litter louts who throw rubbish out of cars can be fined.