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Synonyms for tough-skinned

having a relatively tough outer covering

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insensitive to criticism

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Their extra-sharp steel blades strip the skin in one motion, whether working with tough-skinned sweet potatoes, rutabagas, or fragile tomatoes or ripe peaches.
Unless one is pursuing a tough-skinned critter like squirrel, most of us favor 7.
Brown patches are not always caused by dryness but may be the work of leatherjackets, tough-skinned brown caterpillars ( the larvae of crane flies or daddy long legs ( which sometimes eat grass roots at this time of year.
Other visual oppositions are similarly set up, particularly between the airy freshness of the Jimenez girls--all laughter and pale, fluttering dresses--and the grimness of the Fuentes quartet, surrounded by darkness, unkempt, tough-skinned, wearing coarse cloth and driven by bitterness about the past rather than hope for the future.
For instance, when we were drawing feet, a generally tough-skinned girl basketball player volunteered.
Having to cope with being less than five feet tall, Fin has become a tough-skinned introvert and just wants to be left alone.
As for the farm workers, it was the introduction of tough-skinned tomatoes and other fruits that undid the fruit tramps--de-skilling the work of picking and packing, which could then be left to machines and grossly underpaid immigrants.
The 48-year-old is, by his own admission, a fairly unemotional man and probably indicative of many of the tough-skinned farmers who continue to work the land in the face of diminishing returns and longer days.
Moreover, people pick up the disease from the bite of an infected mosquito, so the notoriously tough-skinned alligators didn't seem an obvious candidate for that infection route.
Like other winter squashes, such as the spaghetti and acorn squashes, pumpkins are tough-skinned and store well.
Afterwards, Brian Procter, tough-skinned, bad-toothed, wizened, Nashwan never far from his lips, walks Aljabr around the barn-practising going left-handed, I suppose.
I want to see us be hard-nosed and tough-skinned to deal with every situation because we're going to be facing everything right here on the road, playing against some pretty good teams, some teams that have beat us on our home court.
Sarah Goldberg is a tough-skinned immigrant from Russia desperate to stop her son from marrying beneath him in act one.
Verdict: Because this juicer works by pressing the halved fruit on the cone to start the motor, the only fruits suitable to use with it are the fairly tough-skinned citrus ones.