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Synonyms for tough-minded

Synonyms for tough-minded

facing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination

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The collection "is tough-minded and depressing, not just because it describes his suffering but because it predicts ours" (Wall Street Journal), showing a man careening headlong, unapologetic, into the abyss.
Britain has a great new political leader and tough-minded fairness will be at the heart of the work of the new generation.
In another speech at the LSCU meeting, Robert Hayes, chief of Florida's credit union regulation unit, said some CUs are failing to do due diligence on loan applications and urged his audience to be more tough-minded on loan modifications.
There are, it seems, two Robert Wrights--a tough-minded Robert Wright and a tender-minded Robert Wright--who have collaborated on a book about religion.
While we're willing to reach out to the Iranians, as the president said, with an open hand, I think everybody in the administration from the president on down is pretty realistic and will be pretty tough-minded if we still encounter a closed fist," he said.
From here we go back to Biggie's origins in Brooklyn, where he was raised by his tough-minded single mother (Bassett).
This is a time when we need to be a little tough-minded and understand that we can with diplomacy get one strategy so that there is no sense among the Burmese junta that they can run off and hide behind some country and avoid the reckoning of the rest of the world,'' Hill said, implicitly in reference to China, India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations which maintain an engagement approach.
A tough-minded idealist, he began on the right of the Labour Party but as the party moved to the centre under Tony Blair, he stayed firm in his beliefs and found himself, to his surprise in recent years, on the left.
If only Nixon could go to China, perhaps only a pope known as a tough-minded traditionalist can finally tackle celibacy.
Of course, "They will know we are Christians by our love," and sometimes it takes a tough-minded and humble love to confront these things on a local or provincial level.
Underneath its push-pull battle between Queen Elizabeth's out-of-time, stiff-upper-lip old guard attitude and Tony Blair's misty-eyed emotiveness, ``The Queen'' is a smart and tough-minded skewering of the House of Windsor as well as an examination of the primacy of image over substance.
He is especially convincing as the tough-minded Frita Wilson.
He explains the importance of tough-minded accountability, assesses the federal role in school leadership, and calls for reforms that broaden the range of individuals considered for teaching or administrative posts.
Macedo's tough-minded liberal agenda for civic education offers a fundamental challenge to free market libertarians, the religious right, parental rights activists, postmodernists, and many of those who call themselves multiculturalists.
1] Still, much of our discussion was, in fact, riveting, maybe even more so than the first time I taught the course to like-minded, tough-minded urban sophisticates such as myself.