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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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Easier and less frequent cleaning can also lead to less rubbing of the surface, and thus longer touchscreen lifetimes.
Furthermore, the anticipated growth of the wearables market has created a demand for extremely small touchscreen controllers with ultra-low power consumption in tiny packaging.
Haptics rebuilds the mechanical feeling as the user is able to touch and feel the buttons on the touchscreen.
Washington, Feb 22 ( ANI ): A new survey suggests that kids nowadays play with touchscreens more than toys.
The new automotive-qualified maXTouch controllers further strengthen Atmel s automotive market position enabling more touchscreens in the car to hit the streets.
The new facility can handle up to sixth-generation (1850mm x 1500mm) glass, enabling the efficient production of thinner next-generation touchscreens.
Exclusively designed with TS1 technology, the Ironclad TouchScreen glove enables people who use touch-screen devices while working in both clean and dirty conditions to gain the maximum amount of conductivity available through the thumb, fingertips and the entire palm of the hand.
It s clear that consumers are embracing touchscreen interfaces that allow them to easily navigate the increasingly powerful and complex services afforded by new phones.
78 million, or enough for touchscreen phones to represent a large section of the smartphone business where they were just a minority before.
Advantage unveiled its newly repackaged Maximum portable chillers with a new, simple M1 controller and touchscreen display.
The graphic touchscreen master can access a variety of information including radio page, staff and equipment location, and staff service requests, along with the display of HL-7 patient information.
When released in early 2012 as the world's only USB-driven capacitive touchscreen monitor, the Magic Touch line was fully compatible only with Windows 7 and Linux operating systems; while Mac users were only able to operate the monitor as a display screen.
com/research/2cz3d4/global_haptic) has announced the addition of the "2013 Report on the International Haptic Touchscreen Market " report to their offering.
AIS budget-priced industrial panel PCs and high performance computing panel computers are all-in-one industrial computers with fully integrated wide range of industrial-grade LCD flat screen sizes, touchscreen interface, Intel's comprehensive embedded processors and chipsets, low power consumption, fanless design, scratch-resistant , and anti-reflective mineral glass screen capabilities; designed specifically for HMI display, visualization and control solutions.
4 ( ANI ): A new pair of leather gloves are being introduced for iPhone users so that they don't have to face the pain of using the touchscreen in winters, forcing them to constantly take off their gloves to use it.