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But the political touchiness of the issue--agricultural interests lobbied hard against it--resulted in a leisurely implementation timetable.
(18) This touchiness might explain the excisions of one of Summer with Monika's three trenchantly critical workplace scenes from the Hakim/Davis version and all three of them from the Hallmark version.
Add to this a certain touchiness over his lack of formal education and the sparks were there for a major explosion.
This is also the period when the touchiness about religious sensibilities and suppression of the freedom of expression became a phenomenon of regular occurrence.
MEPs do not seem intent on fighting a losing battle on frequency allocation, given the Council's touchiness on this subject.
The relationship of the symptom "touchy or easily annoyed by others" with anxiety disorders, especially social phobia, suggests that high touchiness is a maladaptive characteristic that can lead to anxiety problems.
Another interesting aspect of contrast is social class, not only in relation to Byron's touchiness about his aristocracy and Austen's insistence on her gentility but also in terms of Murrays status, which was ambiguously poised between that of tradesman and professional.
Other effects of criticism and humiliation create touchiness and resistance to innovative ideas.
A tacit acknowledgment by the political class of the touchiness of the subject can be found in the fact that 'water privatisation has never been proposed in the more politically sensitive regions of Scotland and Northern Ireland' (p.
In addition to the personal withholdings, there is the matter of the political touchiness of some of what Swift recounts.
Let us admit that some English and Americans disliked the reported touchiness or roughness of Nazi methods.
Controlling emotions can be defined as the ability to conduct one's feelings and avoid emotional depression (anxiety, pessimism, touchiness etc.), and the ability to suspend the satisfaction of a pleasure for the sake of the intended aim/s.
Besides, I smoldered in those days with postcolonial pride--oh, it was touchiness more than pride, a curse of the southern tier.
Making the same point he had made to Andrassy on 28 January about the touchiness of Serbian national feeling, Kallay claimed that Beust's own instructions had consistently ordered him, Kallay, "not to step on Serbian national aspirations too forcefully." (78) Since Beust's circular appeared to do precisely that, Kallay feared for the results, since "every step which alienates Serbia from us, necessarily has as a consequence its gravitation towards Russian policies." (79) And so it proved, although Kallay completely ignored the extent to which his own and Andrassy's dabbling in secret diplomacy had contributed, and was still contributing, to this result.
(319) Given the post 9/11 world, touchiness about their representation by Arabs is layered, obviously, in the abundant negative portrayals by the media in the United States.