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type without looking at the keyboard

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But when I entered journalism there was no school or anyone else to to teach me to touch-type.
I was registered blind in 1990 and about three years later the social services asked me if I wanted to learn how to touch-type, so I said yes.
We were taught to touch-type on typewriters that had the keys blanked out, and had shorthand lessons with the indomitable Mrs McMaster - now there was a teacher you didn't mess with.
Long battery life, hand-held versatility, high/low memory, and large touch-type switches.
The Government has plans to teach children to touch-type from the age of eight so pupils do not waste time aimlessly searching for a letter on a keyboard when they are working at a computer.
But he can touch-type and Tandy and his father Bill, a lecturer at Northumbria University, bought him the laptop to make sure he could do the same work as his classmates.
It appears that in many cases people who undergo touch-typing training do not continue to touch-type afterward but revert to their former visually guided typing style.
The touch-type keyboard allows users to type quickly and comfortably.
5 mm travel and need only a gentle press to realistically simulate the touch-type actions of standard PC keyboard.
It also had a touch screen, and, with the browser up, a tap on the screen revealed a touch-type keyboard on the bottom half of the screen.
Ttype is designed to teach the beginner how to touch-type and is suitable for all ages from five upwards.
The other half period is spent at the word processing station learning to touch-type.
This allows each key to fully travel with touch-type response as opposed to most other sealed keyboards, which are sealed in a single casing and may pose difficulties for students.
Without access to the real thing, he taught himself to touch-type on a keyboard drawn on paper.
Her parents believe that a PS500 laptop with touch-type software would help the New Brighton primary schoolgirl with her homework, and allow her parents to support her.