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The top/surface coat will not only provide color and gloss but can also be modified for various touch perceptions.
Nerve cells in the skin are abnormal in mice with mutations in autism-related genes, leading to altered touch perception, scientists report online June 9 in Cell.
Haptic illusions, cross-sensory relationships, and lifespan development of touch perception are discussed next.
haptic haptic (international scientific vocabulary, from Greek haptesthai, to touch, circa 1890) 1: relating to or based on the sense of touch 2: characterized by a predilection for the sense of touch, a haptic person haptics 1: the study or practice relating to haptic properties 2: human haptics: human touch perception and manipulation machine haptics; manipulation and sensing with robots and telerobots 3: computer haptics: touchable computer-generated objects 4 : haptic interface: human-machine interface using the haptic sensorimotor modality
Ramachandran, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego, says that the results raise intriguing questions about the malleability of touch perception.