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brilliantly colored arboreal fruit-eating bird of tropical America having a very large thin-walled beak

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A toucan needs its beak to eat and defend itself, says Magalie Quesada of Zoo Ave.
As well as cars a lot of lorries use this road, and whether it's a cyclist or a mum with a pushchair who brings traffic to a halt, a Toucan light controlled crossing in this location will aggravate drivers and lead to more animosity towards walkers and cyclists (most of whom, of course, are drivers themselves).
Let's have fewer toucan crossings and more "don't text" and "use your indicators" guidance.
Key words: neoplasm, nodule, CD57, immunohistochemistry, Piciformes, wildlife, bird, avian, toco toucan, common toucan, Ramphastos toco
A more muted blue indicates when she is tired and finally in bed, until the final sunshine hued spread tells us that Mr Toucan is probably in for a long night
Four new toucan crossings have also been installed across roads along the route.
A STUDY PUBLISHED in the journal Science reveals that the severe decline of large-billed bird populations, specifically the colorful toucan, in Brazil's tropical forests may have profound effects on the jucara tree.
com is pleased to announce the addition of Toucan kick-bikes to the UrbanScooters.
Inside one finds a short text, which serves as a preamble for the following 51 prints, providing a biography of Gould and a brief outline of the history of the toucan in the arts and sciences.
1 TOUCAN PLAY AT THAT GAME IT'S all well and good looking your best to go out of an evening, but who says you can't be just as stylish while doing your pre-pub ablutions?
The Fly is called the Toucan and came south of the border with Gary Hillary the head Gillie at Bywell.
That giant coloured beak actually helps the toucan keep cool in hot climates where it lives.
Idleb, north Syria, (SANA)- Archeological Tall Toucan site is a witness to the successive civilizations of the region.
PRIMARY school pupils in Middlesbrough walked down the Yellow Brick Road to celebrate the opening of a new toucan crossing.
A Toucan flies by, an otherworldly Luna moth on the