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a clan or tribe identified by their kinship to a common totemic object

emblem consisting of an object such as an animal or plant

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As Indiana's bicentennial celebration (2016) draws closer, this totem will serve as an important icon in studying the state's history.
Hansen and the students repainted and resealed the totem pole, one of five throughout the district made by Hansen and his students over the years.
Huna Totem Corporation began its Cultural Heritage Guide program in 2000.
She speaks briefly about the relationship of the totem poles to laws that limited Native freedoms, the ill effects of colonialism on Native traditions, and the dispossession of Native lands to the current resurgence of Native control over their heritage.
Totem has been operating from Jawharat Shatti Mall in Al Shati since 2007.
With matinee and evening performances, TOTEM provides entertainment for children and adults of all ages, and with London being the only city in the UK to host the show it is certainly not to be missed.
I've never seen anything quite like it before, especially the totem poles.
Ylana First, arts co-ordinator for Tynemouth Station, says that while the word totem is of North American origin and is generally recognised as representing a group or clan, it could also be argued that a totem could symbolise an individual.
They soon find themselves fighting Demons from the Wastelands but their main mission is to save the dragon daughter of the dying Totem Apsilla, the Lady of Rain, unhatched in a stone egg which has been stolen.
But it's four feet long, which makes it particularly unusual - the usual British Railways totem from that time would be only three feet long.
The totem pole lighting takes away from the beauty of the pole.
CHILDREN at a city high school have unveiled their latest creation - a towering African totem pole.
Totem Pole is often used as a single category to describe all carved columns made by the Northwest Coast People, but there are several types of totem poles as well as interior and exterior house posts.
The Totem embossed range helped to put them on the map and today this range of wares have become quite collectable.
British Columbia-based researcher of First Peoples Kramer offers this brief, vibrantly illustrated introduction to totem poles, describing their history, symbols and ceremonies, how to identify totem figures, and locations where prehistoric and modern totem poles can be found.