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a clan or tribe identified by their kinship to a common totemic object

emblem consisting of an object such as an animal or plant

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El totem ya no se puede considerar, a lo menos en la mayoria de los pueblos totemicos, como el antepasado del cual todos han descendido.
The totem pole was a gift of the WCC's Canadian member churches and the country's First Nations.
The totem pole, which ultimately will take up residence beneath a skylight opposite the entrance to Magi Bish's classroom at Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer, will be given an American Indian blessing by Oliver "Black Feather" Suprenant of East Brookfield, one of the longtime spiritual advisers to the Bish family.
Microorganisms are the microbial equivalent of totem.
Students will create a balanced, 12" (30 cm) totem that effectively demonstrates form and space in a uniquely personal way.
According to Totem Communications, Net-Planner is scalable, needs only standard interfaces and telephony protocols and does not require costly premise IT equipment or maintenance costs from the user.
These totem poles have captured the hearts and imaginations of people far and wide.
Some of the commercial signs are simply offensive, like the Totem Cafe sign, which has cartoonish totem faces aligned on the vertical and a cartoon thunderbird at the top.
Crafty pupils from Montagu Full Service School, in Cowgate, Newcastle, carved and painted the totem pole as part of an environmental fun day organised by Newcastle's Play and Youth Service yesterday.
Busy making totem poles at a family fun day are four-year-olds Ramnik Sohal (left) and Shannon Livesey.
For example, the chapter titled "Figurative Fractions" uses the Native American totem pole as the basis for the investigation.
Muscio the Account Executive of Totem Ocean Trailer Express, but he is also the Regional NDTA President of the Northwest Region, and an active member of the North Pole Chapter in Anchorage, Alaska.
Although Totem received minimal attention, Gil Cardinale's moving film about the Haisla people's struggle to reclaim their sacred G'psgolox totem pole from the National Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm is a powerful and vital example of how Native peoples in this country are still systemically mistreated and misunderstood.
Totem poles were like early-day newspapers or bulletin boards.
The Field Museum decides to return a 26-foot totem pole to descendants of its original Native American owners in Cape Fox, Alaska.