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valuable timber tree of New Zealand yielding hard reddish wood used for furniture and bridges and wharves

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As the totara is the sturdy giant of the trees of a forest so is the chief among his people.
116) Based on intact eleven-year-old Totara piles in Onehunga wharf, McDonald recommended the use of this timber for port construction.
In Totara Hills Farm v Davidson, the farm manager Mr Davidson was made redundant as his employer claimed that he needed to reduce the farm's wage bill by ten percent due to worsening economic conditions.
Totara North School principal Bastienne Kruger had removed the skeleton from storage and was about to use it in class when on close examination she saw that the teaching aid was not plastic as she had assumed.
Distribucion y sustratos: se ha encontrado en una gran variedad de sustratos para Nueva Zelanda (Hughes, 1979), ademas sobre ramas muertas de un arbol no identificado en Cuba (Holubova-Jechova y Mercado-Sierra, 1984); en Podocarpus totara en Inglaterra (Kirk, 1986) y sobre troncos sumergidos en Australia (Hyde y Goh, 1998).
Just as a totara is only felled in order to make a waka, the effort of study and the interventions of learning advisors occur in the larger context of producing graduates who contribute significantly to their world.
blood drains from the totara through the night the mother lowing
The Totara (Scirpus californicus) in Ecuador and Peru.
It takes 500 years for native trees like New Zealand's rata, rimu and totara to get established, but in the first 10 years, birds such as little spotted kiwi (the national bird), brown teal, bellbird, native robin, scaup, weka and pigeon, as well as reptiles like the rare tuatara lizard, have been reintroduced.
As well as using native plant ingredients such as Manuka Oil, New Zealand Flax Gels and Totara, some of the range also uses Halloysite clay found only in Matauri Bay, New Zealand, for its natural exfoliating and cleansing properties.
It was dated at a time when the potential problems of inbuilt age (Anderson 1991), especially with regard to such long-lived and rot-resistant species as totara, were not well understood.
Rusty Spur West By West Goodbye Heart Totara Park Stud 3,000
Alpine totara (Podocarpus nivalis 'Green Queen' and 'Little Lady')