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computer that registers bets and divides the total amount bet among those who won

a calculator that performs simple arithmetic functions

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5 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Election Commission to file a response to a PIL in connection with the over use of totalizer and a possible data leak.
While that may ultimately be the end result (you first have to enter the amount of fuel that is in the tanks), a fuel totalizer meters the amount of fuel that flows to the engine.
The FTB-630 series of turbine meters features a non-resettable mechanical totalizer, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-inch pipe sizes, and a rugged construction manufactured of tough cast iron and epoxy-coated for protection.
A digital input is now available, which can be configured via the menu, making it is possible to reset the totalizer, to go into the HOLD mode, to start a zero point calibration and to activate a replacement measurement value.
2 per cent of range, flowmeter has on-board HistoROM system that stores all sensor, transmitter, and totalizer data; no data is lost if power is removed.
PAXDR is a five-digit dual rate indicator and six-digit dual totalizer that monitors mission-critical factors such as inflow and outflow, unwind and rewind wire tension, feed and tension roll speed, and other pivotal production rates.
An optional fluid totalizer records fluid volume aspirated for the DM6000-2A.
This totalizer is thus integrated harmoniously into the overall appearance of the dial, which is finished in the DFB team colours.
The SandTrac with Totalizer helps operators manage abrasive belt usage, improving product consistency and reducing abrasives costs, the company says.
A flow totalizer with reset button and six-digit LED is offered as a special option on all CoolPoint pipe sizes.
Approaching mid-field on a downwind for initial, the fuel totalizer was fluctuating back and forth and for a second I saw 300 pounds.
available with a flow totalizer that increases their ability to measure, monitor and control the total amount of liquid used in a process.
Once installed by loosening, connecting and tightening one nut, the tamperproof Tap Mate records every ounce of beer and displays the reading on a non-resetable LCD totalizer.
On screen historical logs provide operators easy access to alarm, totalizer and audit trail data in a friendly Microsoft Windows environment.
A key feature of the C1300 is its two LCD graphical display panels, each capable of carrying multiple lines of text which can be ideal for totalization applications in the water and waste industry where multi-digit totalizer values and engineering units need to be displayed.