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  • verb

Synonyms for totalize

to combine (figures) to form a sum

Synonyms for totalize

make into a total


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For Totalize, Simonds invented the Kangaroo armoured personnel carrier, which was made by "defrocking" a Priest self-propelled gun of its weapon, leaving room in the Sherman chassis for a section of men.
"Totalize came back in heavy and was having his first run for nine months.
Brian Ellison, trainer of Buthelezi and Totalize On the form book Totalize would be the pick.
I have doubts about Vendor's jumping holding up under pressure, while Splash Of Ginge's style of running may set him up to a closer like TOTALIZE. I'm really hot on this one as conditions are perfect for him and I have had him in mind for this all season.
SELECTIONS: ASCOT: 12.45 Sybarite, 1.15 Easter Day, 1.50 Pendra, 2.25 At Fishers Cross, 3.00 Triolo D'Alene, 3.35 Totalize.
Series DMF Digital Mass Flow Controllers can be programmed for various control functions including flow set point, totalizer, stop totalizer, totalize from preset flow, stop and preset auto, and auto zero.
or remaining `without qualities'" -- Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften portrays the incompleteness of attempts to totalize or to impose any existing criteria of judgment concerning social collapse.
At the same time, it can function in fixed or catch-weight mode, can totalize weights and offers PLU editing and integral label design features.
I'VE made no secret of the esteem in which I hold Malton trainer Brian Ellison, and I think he can mount a successful raid south to win Ascot's Ladbroke Hurdle (3.35) with TOTALIZE.
WITH PS150,000 up for grabs it's no surprise the Ladbroke Hurdle is one of the hottest handicaps of the year, but I have total faith in Brian Ellison's TOTALIZE (3.35) at Ascot.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Cut No Ice, 2.30 Jan De Heem, 3.00 Offbeat Safaris, 3.35 Lilac Tree, 4.05 Totalize, 4.40 Galiotto, 5.10 Morning Call, 5.45 Light From Mars.
has introduced the GTX2220 1.3 GHz time interval counter that features frequency, period, totalize and time interval in a PXI form factor.