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the act or process of adding

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As long as those minimums are met, however - and as long as a retiree worked only in countries with totalization agreements - total benefits are somewhat of a wash.
Raunig acknowledges this point when he notices that big data is not to be understood as a "totalization of data," but as "an open field of immanence with a potentially endless extension" (p.
Indications First surgery Reoperation Number Lobectomy with Completion + 9 isthmusectomy lymph node dissection Thyroid cancer Subtotal Completion + 4 thyroidectomy lymph node dissection Total thyroidectomy Lymph node 1 dissection Neck hematoma Total thyroidectomy Haemostasis 5 Lobectomy with Haemostasis + 1 isthmusectomy tracheotomy Recurrence of Lobectomy with Lobectomy 4 benign nodular isthmusectomy goitre Subtotal Totalization 1 thyroidectomy Infection Lobectomy with Exploration 1 1 isthmusectomy Fistula resection Total thyroidectomy Exploration 1 Persistent Subtotal Totalization 1 hyperthyroidism thyroidectomy Recurrence of Subtotal Totalization 1 hyperthyroidism thyroidectomy Table 3: Distribution of patients according to intraoperative findings.
The US has entered into agreements called 'Totalization Agreements' with several nations for the purpose of avoiding double taxation of income with respect to social security taxes.
India and US decide to resume talks on Bilateral Investment Treaty, Totalization Agreement
The two nations also agreed to resume talks on long pending 'Totalization Agreement' that will benefit millions of Indians working in the US with regard to social security taxes.
Dually, we let crep(F) be the cosimplicial replacement of F, a cosimplicial space whose totalization gives the homotopy limit of F.
The agreements ensure payment of social security benefits to migrant workers through "totalization" and export of benefits.
These novels, in Niblett's reading, push us not to reject representation and nationalism but to imagine alternative forms that are more open to internal difference and self-aware of the pitfalls of totalization. This attention to literature's utopian impulses and alternative aspirations makes The Caribbean Novel Since 1945 an important work for thinking not only about Caribbean literature but also about Caribbean politics more generally.
In place of this reductionism and totalization, The Emigrants strives to bring to visibility the very momentary, migratory being of those forms of otherness routinely elided by that historiographic lens.
In contrast, Gadda's encyclopedic and fluctuating style strives to reflect a reality in flux that rejects its totalization.
(1) The United States has social security totalization agreements (SSTAs) with 24 countries (2) and income tax treaties with 67.
The flow totalizer software module leverages QuadraTherm's high accuracy (+/-0.5% of full scale) to give end users the most accurate totalization of multiple gases from an industrial flow meter.
* Product contact surfaces with 316 stainless steel The feeder provides weight-controlled feeding, weight indication and totalization for fragile materials like cereals, snack foods, kibble, fruits and pasta.
Specific features include formula storage, formula rescaling, formula totalization and expanded auxiliary output function.