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of or relating to the principles of totalitarianism according to which the state regulates every realm of life


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Closely related to these processes has been the transformation of the utopian orientations--and of their loci--whether of the totalistic "Jacobin" utopian orientations that were characteristic of many of the revolutionary movements, or the more static utopian visions, which promulgated a flight from various constraints of modern society.
prevent a totalistic understanding that can enact radical social change.
Even were we to grant a little rhetorical license here, as we probably should, the remark still strikes us now as exaggerated at the very least, and certainly inconsistent with the scholarly tenor of so much of his writing--unless, that is, we recognize a certain family resemblance between Vivekananda's totalistic way of conceiving America and Emerson's totalistic way of conceiving India.
"Evolutionary psychology," writes University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne, "satisfies the post-ideological hunger for a totalistic explanation of human behavior, for a theory that will remove many of the ambiguities and uncertainties of emotional and moral life" (Coyne, 2000, p.
But such ringing affirmations are catching, and the Palestinians are now saying the same--with, I imagine, the same totalistic, exclusionist ambitions.
While Marianne van den Boomen's "Utopias in Cyberspace" (31-43) considers imagined utopian communities, her one-dimensional reading of such communities as totalistic establishes a false dichotomy between utopian communities and the diversity and lack of social cohesion found in cyberspace.
The third mistake lies in the assumption that the process as such guides itself, and this mistake is probably not unrelated to the totalistic interpretation of the process.
Skocpol complains that this account is "unrealistically totalistic and synchronous" (p.
Varna was, he contends, "a totalistic classificatory system" (p.
As Campbell summarizes aspects of the "Doctrine of the World of Totalistic Harmony Mutually Relating and Penetrating," the world is a vast interconnecting play:
In light of our understanding of the totalistic nature of Anthroposophy, we are very skeptical of any claims that legitimate public schools can be founded using Steiner's pedagogy.
As the government and the parliament --institutions of democratic representation --countered this move through the use of their constitutional powers, the debate has turned into a totalistic and ontological struggle.
In essence, the social policy under the capitalist regime, aside from furthering its totalistic aims and control over our lives, breeds violence.
The totalistic nature of sincerity, whether on the right or the left, profoundly threatens the slow, patient courtesy of liturgical world construction." Listeners might be surprised to hear you equate liberal Jewish liturgical life with "fundamentalism," but the philosophical point cannot be disregarded; sincerity of emotion is not reproducible.
1961-62 (1988) (book review) ("[W]e now find radical theorists taking the lead in attacking totalistic theories of human emancipation .