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an eclipse as seen from a place where the eclipsed body is completely obscured

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To get a front-row seat to view the total eclipse, the east coast in Fujairah is the perfect spot, depending on the weather, Ebrahim Al Jarwan, deputy director-general of the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences, told Gulf News.
News of this being the first total eclipse blue moon in 150 years has been making its rounds on social media.
Penumbral Eclipse begins 15-51 PST Partial Eclipse begins 16-48 PST Total Eclipse begins 17-52 PST Greatest Eclipse 18-31 PST Total Eclipse ends 19-08 PST Partial Eclipse ends 20-11.
KARACHI -- Total eclipse of moon will also be visible in Pakistan, at moonrise time, on January 31, said Director, Climate Data Processing Centre (CDPC) here on Tuesday.
The first lunar eclipse - a total eclipse - will be on January 31, during full moon of Hijric month "Jumada I".
As per reports, the last total eclipse of a Blue Moon occurred in March 31, 1866.
The coast-to-coast total eclipse was the first one in almost a century and they were all making the most of it.
WELSH singer Bonnie Tyler has topped the iTunes chart in the US with her 1983 hit after she belted out Total Eclipse of the Heart - during the total eclipse.
And despite the proliferation of modern technology, people are still amazed and consider the total eclipse of the sun as one of the most spell-binding phenomena of nature.
The phenomenon will be much more dramatic in the USA, where around 12 million Americans will be able to witness a total eclipse.
The astronomy professor explained that the total eclipse crossing the entire U.
The total eclipse on June 8, 1918, passed from Washington to Florida.
Given that it will be the first total eclipse since 1918 to sweep across the U.
In parts of the US, it will be a total eclipse, the first there since 1979.
WASHINGTON, Aug 21 (KUNA) -- Americans from coast to coast were set on Monday to experience a historic total eclipse of the sun in 14 US states, visible along a path 4,200 kilometers long and 96 to 113 kilometers wide.
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