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Synonyms for tot



tot something up: add up

Synonyms for tot

a young person between birth and puberty

a small amount of liquor

to combine (figures) to form a sum

Synonyms for tot

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Next, participants were asked to think about past situations in which they had either resolved or not resolved a TOT experience.
Caption: Fried and true Generic imposters led Ore-Ida to tout the "original and only" Tots in 2014,
An alternative to Black Tot is Pusser's Rum, inspired by the Royal Navy recipe that was decommissioned back in 1970.
Net Element owns and operates a global mobile payments and transaction processing provider, TOT Group.
TOT's attention is so firmly fixed on NAUSICAA he is unaware of shadowy figures clustering about the perimeter of the stage.
Group discussions were held on the following topics: sharing of IPM information, the training's impact on the farmers' ability to discuss, work in groups or reach consensus, participation/non-participation, post-IPM activities, selection procedure and responsibilities for ToT and community organizers and their relationship with the steering committee and IITA.
However, which characteristics or variables would reach the TOT threshold and which would reach the GOT threshold?
13th 199 yards, par3 Bunkersfrontthe green, butthe key changefr omp reviousO pensisthat the rough tot hele fth as beenal tered toac losely-mowna reaandadry lateral waterhazard comesi ntoplay more.
Pero tot aixo em sembla un somni, llevat d'allo que tan sols jo entre tots els altres veure.
In 1952 wend hy hom tot die Teologie en slaag dan ook in daardie jaar sy eerste jaar BD.
Bangkok -- Thailand's telecoms sector may be slipping back into an era of state dominance as state-run TOT Plc steals the lead in third-generation mobile services, pushing the top private operator into an alliance with it.
Sometimes suppliers might avoid criticizing their rivals' TOT so as to avoid a negative backfiring effect on themselves.
We've had the Community, Premier League, EFL, SPL, Bundesliga and Liga NOS TOTS squads, which means that it's almost time for the La Liga TOTS.
Want a tasty alternative to tater tots? Try Millet Tots in three flavors: Original: With Sea Salt & Onion Flake; Italian Herb: With Garlic & Basil; and Spicy-Sweet: With Poblano Chili & Sweet Potato.