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an unpredictable phenomenon

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Currently, Feingold is polling ahead slightly of Johnson in this tossup race.
The tossup was conducted in Doha today in the presence of the championship director Qatar Soccer Association secretary-general Saud Al-Mohannadi and West Asian Soccer Federation secretary-general Fadi Zuraiqat who announced the official withdrawal of Syria which was the champion of the previous version due to technical reasons.
com) scored the race at Obama 247 (211 strong), Romney 191 (175 strong), and 100 as tossups (including blues Michigan and Wisconsin).
He sent out Tossup to win the Guineas Trial at Leopardstown eight days ago, and 24 hours later his Sagar Pride was a close-up third in the French version of the 1,000 Guineas.
In Nevada, with the retirement of pro-abortion Senator Harry Reid (D), the open seat is considered a tossup.
This year it could be a tossup between anti-Idol William Hung's ``Hung for the Holidays'' and ``Christmas in the Fishbowl: Performed by Reality TV Singers.
In a nutshell: Either you'll find Bell's indefatigability mitigates her character's suffering or makes all that pain that much more quease-inducing: It's a tossup.
Non-magnet school students are sitting across a chess board from magnet school kids at lunchtime three days a week, and it's a tossup which one will win.
Coming in, I thought it was going to be a tossup,'' Granada Hills co-coach Darryl Stroh said.
Ask for a particular dish at this restaurant and it's a tossup if you'll get it.
In fact, Morales-Barrera III would be the tossup the first two fights were.
It was remarkable to see 'Lilo' outgross us on Friday, we outgrossed them Saturday, and Sunday became the tossup,'' Snyder said.
Asked who would win such a contest, Errick said, ``It's a tossup.
Call it a tossup, with a nod to the underdog: UPN's ``One on One'' has already premiered and is only competing against one other new show (NBC's ``Crossing Jordan,'' featuring vibrant life force Jill Hennessey), but it gets the admittedly unlikely thumbs-up here.
I think that it's gonna be a tossup position, and I think that it's OK,'' he said.