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salad tossed with a dressing

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The Perfectly Tossed Salad by Mindy Fox, published by Kyle Books, priced pounds 15.99.
Gazpacho, grilled sirloin hamburger steak (no bun), tossed salad (mixed leaves, cucumber, green peppers, cherry tomatoes) with olive oil and vinegar to taste or 2 tablespoons low-sugar dressing
Option 3: Small portion of spaghetti with turkey meatballs, portion of tossed salad with low-fat dressing and two glasses of water.
HOLLYWOOD They'll be dishing out a lot more tossed salad and scrambled eggs at NBC: "Frasier" is staying at the Peacock web for another three years.
It's rich in the mouth and should do justice to some cold cracked crab with maybe a bit of lemon juice, sourdough French bread and a good tossed salad. The funny thing is, Chardonnay doesn't need a lot of gimmickry.
Bridge of Song, worked out on advanced students at Milwaukee Ballet's summer school last year, is a tossed salad of ballet, folk, and street traditions, Postmodern in the best architectural sense, it uses gestures from far-flung idioms brought together by an underlying design.
Then, suddenly, just as the melting pot or "tossed salad" models of cultural assimilation seem to be yielding to the apparently mixed (read Integrated) metaphors of the pulled-pork "po' boy," the running buffet of bicultural (read multi-cultural) options and choices suddenly dries up.
The company, which has an estimated $20 million in annual sales, according to industry sources, has taken the Tossed Salad line of knife blocks decorated in a bright vivid vegetable pattern and introduced six knives with carrot, celery, radish, eggplant, squash and corn motifs.
In recent years, however, society has been viewed as a stew or a tossed salad, symbolizing that people's differences can be kept intact and acknowledging American culture as a mixture of people representing a variety of traditions and cultures.
Mexican Tossed Salad (recipe below) is a twist on your typical green salad, using tortilla chips instead of croutons.
Both were served with plenty of fresh tossed salad garnish and crisps.
The facility where he lives was already serving some items that he was able to eat, including baked potatoes, prunes, bananas, an assortment of cereal, juice, tossed salad, beets, and cabbage slaw with pepper (instead of mayonnaise).
We ordered the pulled pork and beef brisket combo plate with a dinner roll, potato salad and baked beans ($5.85), a regular beef brisket plate with a dinner roll, baked beans and a tossed salad ($5.50), the four-rib plate with a dinner roll, tossed salad and chips.($6.50) and a regular beef brisket plate with a dinner roll, baked beans 'and coleslaw ($5.50).
The meal also includes tossed salad, garlic bread, coffee, tea, milk and pineapple upside-down cake.
VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): chunky cinnamon applesauce, cranberry walnut relish, fruit salad, steamed vegetables, zucchini marinara, apple cobbler, tossed salad (without croutons and dressing)