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an unpredictable phenomenon

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Political observer Larry Sabato agrees with these three toss-up seats.
We lost by only 10 points (one toss-up) against A-O, which is quite remarkable given our small team size last night.
If they hold their one toss-up seat, win the two Republican seats currently rated "lean Democrat" and pick up two or three Republican toss-ups, pro-lifers will be hard-pressed to block pro-abortion policies, much less advance any pro-life legislation.
Strategists on both sides suggest that there are two Republican-held seats that lean Democratic, along with several toss-ups. There is only one Democratic-held seat, that of the party's Senate leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, who is retiring, that seems competitive now.
That leaves states totalling 97 electoral college votes in the toss-up category.
The decision to treat all "toss-up" cases as weak claims virtually guaranteed a finding that settlement payments are commonly made in so-called weak cases.
Republicans are expected to pick up seats in the US Senate, but polls show eight to 10 races are still toss-ups and it is unclear whether they can gain the six seats they need to control the 100-member chamber for the first time since the 2006 election.
An open House seat in a toss-up district coupled with the focus on issues related to insurance disputes has attracted a significant amount of interest and money.
In making this a toss-up 72-holer, Stan James are taking the charitable view of Clarke's last place at Sun City and putting it down to a stomach upset, but whichever way you look at it, the German has outplayed him on practically every occasion they have run into each other since the summer.
Florida is effectively a toss-up right now, according to the ( polls-only forecast from data-driven website FiveThirtyEight.
For cheap buys on the indices, it is a toss-up between Angel Cabrera at IG's seven or Ian Woosnam at nine.