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The New Zealand international was the only Durham batsman to miss out, hitting one six down the ground before he miscued a full toss off on-loan seamer Kyle Hogg.
"The difficulty with you now," she writes bluntly to Roethke, "is that you are afraid to suffer, or to feel in any way, and that is what you'll have to get over, lamb pie, before you can toss off masterpieces."
Yes, they may also create a small savings account or toss off a few tax cuts to mollify fiscal conservatives, but rarely do they make fundamental changes such as lowering marginal rates.
Metcalf's physical business, a moment of onstage nausea included, always seems attuned to the mother's God-fearing and panicky ways, and she can toss off wry one-liners with comic acerbity.
The latter is wont to toss off such an observation as: "It was the same as with a love's past lovers.
They do it all well, and when they toss off a book in their spare time (think of Emma Thompson or Rupert Everett), it's invariably witty and charming.