toss back

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throw back with a quick, light motion


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Then Cook, who had done so much of the hard work on his way to his first half-century in his last 10 Test and ODI innings, lost his famed concentration against Faf du Plessis' part-time leg-spin and pushed a low full toss back for a return catch.
At least Grant has finally found something more challenging to do before cameras than wear a quizzical look, toss back floppy hair and play the archetypal public school buffoon.
I am told at some point everyone will wind up at Troubadur Jazz Cafe (near Gundulic Square) to toss back some beers and soak in the music.
When he was in the box seat to get a big score in Perth, he hit a full toss back to the spinner.
Pitch me your thousand pleasures of the holiday season, and I'll toss back the "sand" and keep the "thou.
Yashin said the secret to his success was "to have a smoke to calm your nerves, then toss back a strong drink to tone your muscles" - although there were a few English players at the time who took a similar approach.
Toss back and forth between the right and left hand
Kick objects along the way or take along a tennis ball to bounce or toss back and forth.
Martin also said his alleged throwing of his helmet was more the sort of casual toss back toward the dugout that a player routinely does after making the final out of an inning.
Wright passed his previous best firstclass score of 100, against Loughborough University, by driving a full toss back past bowler Graham Onions for a 14th four.
Hsu's $23,000 in direct donations but saying it saw no reason to return the contributions he solicited, plans to toss back the entire bundle now that it has become a political hot potato.
The IAEA would toss back the ball to the SC (Security Council).