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One of Isadora Duncan's first actions was to toss away her corset.
We laughed at Joe Niekro's hapless attempt to toss away an emery board when he was searched on the Anaheim Stadium mound.
We can't even begin to tell you how many maps we've been forced to toss away over the years--and not because they became outdated, ripped, worn out, or even drowned in coffee and soda.
Hughes' upbeat mood contrasted sharply with that of City boss Kevin Keegan, who saw his team toss away the lead Antoine Sibierski gave them in the final minute of the opening period.
Great players - true champions - don't toss away the kind of position Henman held in the second set, 4-3 up with a break of service.
There's no fuss, no muss, and clean-up is a breeze--just toss away the bag.
Brillo's Scrub'nToss cleaning pad is a scratchless, multipurpose cleaning pad that is durable enough for multiple uses but inexpensive enough to toss away.
To get to a stage where you only have one minute left and toss away two points like that is so disappointing.
With the number of touching personal stories and thought-provoking anecdotes featured at the festival, Images wouldn't truly be an experimental film festival without including a few films that toss away the whole notion of narrative.
of us that will not allow us to toss away something we think we may need someday.
In these tough times, the corporation has managed to toss away PS98.