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a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle

commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column


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Major now plans to recruit more staff into the Torus business including a marine market specialist who will target opportunities in the oil and gas market.
Potential licensees in the industrial safety products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Soft Landing Torus on a worldwide basis.
The centrally located torus appears darker than the surrounding margo due to its greater thickness and different chemistry (Figure 6).
Admittedly King Torus is a long way off that level now, but he is certainly no back number and merits support.
Gardner syndrome should be excluded if patients present with multiple exostoses that are not in the classic torus locations.
Enstar expects to complete both the Atrium and Torus transactions by the end of this year.
The possible schemes of applying the suggested torus devices for the mechanization of performing various works inside the pipe at lining, repair and pipeline operation are submitted (Fig.
This platform developed by Cognizant is an important part of our efforts to establish Torus as a property leader with an intense focus on risk differentiation through best-in-class engineering and actuarial analysis," said Bob Klepper, Chief Underwriting Officer for Global Property at Torus.
A Racing Post Rating of 115 might underestimate King Torus, yet that is a very strong level of form for a juvenile - in the last five years there have been 12 or fewer individually superior RPRs recorded in the final four months of the Flat season over seven furlongs or beyond.
Punters got stuck into the Richard Hannontrained son of Oratorio for his debut in a six-furlong maiden at the end of last month - Torus was sent off the 6-4 favourite.
These proceedings for the May-June 2006 conference center on the study of algebraic, differential, symplectic-geometric, combinatorial and homotopy-theoretic aspects of a particular class of torus actions whose quotients are highly structured.
The patterns on their tori illustrate two well-known mathematical ideas about maps and networks on a torus.
How are the two Torus and Sphere pieces, which follow here on the two Spirals, related?
Intraorally, the patient had an extremely large torus mandibularis bilaterally that extended posteriorly to the level of the second molar and displaced the tongue posteriorly (figure).
And the structure of Western music, with its 24 major and minor keys, can be mapped in a mathematical model in the shape of a donut, or torus.