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in a very painful manner

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Quintana's superb achievement is to admit Spain's culpability in her violent conquest of the New World while simultaneously erasing it without recourse to the torturously defensive and chauvinistic rhetoric indicative of Spain's "apologistas.
Given Scotland has been torturously debating these things over and over for two years, it either means whatever powers go up there will be hideously delayed while they do similar for England, or they do similar to their lastminute "vow" and hastily cobble together a pathetic effort.
Frustratingly for the reader, the new language of secret question and answer between Agaat and Milla that has come about so slowly and torturously in their mapmaking closes soon after it opens.
He was to bear the full blast of the arrogant breed of officials, whose torturously insulting and patronizing behavior, it appeared almost to the point of servility.
Eyes glazed over, slumped shoulders, repetitive yawning and head down whilst stealing glances at the clock across the room, torturously waiting for the day at the office to end.
The bulky costume, with four-inch platform boots, and the torturously administered make-up, made it an arduous role.
There is clearly a spark between the two, but conventions of the time, plus her fears of a tarnished reputation, mean that their coming together is a torturously long process.
If he isn't guilty the cops are torturously destroying his life and his career.
Far Far Away proceeds methodically, providing little description about setting or characters, aside from McNeal's descriptions of the confections from a local bakery which are torturously detectible.
Such "Capitalist Realism," while torturously confronting money with its doubled status as a "real" reproduction, "was but a way of observing, and not enough to discover the refuge of the chief culprit.
Sitting in as it punishingly stalls, veers and surges erratically is an orthopedic nightmare, whiplashing cervical vertebrae torturously.
I quote this passage not only for the unease it betrays about the relationship of knowledge and politics (the latter euphemistically and torturously displaced by "situational commissions" and "social circumstances"), but also because it exhibits a symptomatic shift from nauka proper to something called ustanovka na ob "ektivnost'.
A broken family serves as a metaphor for a damaged society in potent drama "Children of Sarajevo," the ambitious second feature from Bosnian helmer-writer Aida Begic, whose underlying theme here is the country's lost moral compass as it remains trapped in a torturously slow transition from a state of war.
When a mother laments that her daughter is yet to be interred at her hometown abroad because the UK coroner would not release her body until the Indian investigation is over, one can well gauge how very torturously the wheels of justice turn in this part of the country.
Instead, Marable torturously sets forth a Procrustean "reinvention" of "Rudy," one of Malcolm's associates that we meet in Haley's Autobiography.