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someone who inflicts severe physical pain (usually for punishment or coercion)

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But hearing the survey results, "I find myself traveling back to the prison cell, feeling the burning cigarette on my back and hearing my torturers tell me, 'No one will care.
One woman, a wedding dressmaker whose sanity is uncertain, is convinced that her former torturer lives in her Brooklyn neighborhood and is watching her.
The torturer kicked and hit a second boy with a belt on his head and body.
The section called "The Mirrors" is a key to understanding the dynamics of the relationship between the torturer and his victim.
In order to torture another human being, the torturer must first redefine that other being as "other," as less than human, even as beast.
The top torturer will also be expected to get to grips with a Judas Cradle, a pyramid-shaped torture device on which the victim sits and is slowly impaled.
The Warwickshire tourist attraction is advertising for a full-time torturer to work in the dungeon and give visitors the fright of their lives.
Summary: Pol Pot's former torturer is set to be the first of the Khmer Rouge leaders to face trial for crimes against humanity.
Lynndie England is a heinous criminal, a torturer, who should have been sentenced to death.
Top of his hit-list is chief torturer Captain Ibrahim, who was also the prosecutor in the case.
Every time he tortures, the torturer reinforces the idea that we cannot trust one another, and that we cannot trust the world we live in.
THE torturer glares at me cowering in the shadows and growls menacingly: "You .
EVIL cat torturer Anthony Docherty has received death threats after admitting scalping and decapitating his neighbours' pets.
Screams of agony will echo around the castle as a jailer and torturer demonstrate how the rack and stocks were used, teeth extracted and thumbscrews tightened in order to get a confession or impose justice.
With help from wardrobe wizard Eiko Ishioka (who won the 1993 costume design Oscar for Francis Ford Coppola's ``Bram Stoker's Dracula'') and her flamboyant fashions of capes and ornate headdresses, D'Onofrio brought to life five grand selmages (including the queen, the king, the torturer and the selfish jester) that defined Stargher's psychotic behavior.