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someone who inflicts severe physical pain (usually for punishment or coercion)

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Odette told her family that her torturers made one crucial mistake.
He falls in love with Patti (Kidman), a former nurse who wants to help him through his trauma, and when he discovers his torturer (Tanroh Ishida) is still alive, he returns to Burma to confront him.
Imagine surviving being tortured as a prisoner of war and years later meeting your torturer.
In a statement titled "Call for Peace in Syria," the lawyers said, "two years have passed on the western governments' attempts to promote false accusations agaisnt Syria's government, army and legitimate president to present the victim as a torturer as they did in many other free and independent countries.
Brief background to Algeria, Leila Djabali, and 'For My Torturer, Lieutenant D .
CAGE fighter Alex Reid came close to losing his latest battle when he faced up to Warwick Castle's torturer.
Summary: Dakar - The head of the separatists' delegation to the World Social Forum (WSF) in Dakar was unveiled as a torturer of the Moroccans held against their will in Tindouf camps (south-western Algeria).
Here the clinical psychologist Mika Haritos-Fatouros examines human creativity in optimizing evil through a study of the processes by which men became torturers during the Greek military dictatorship of 1967-1974- Relying on records of the trial in 1975 of these Greek perpetrators, she concludes that the torturer is a person who responds normally to abnormal conditions: within certain circumstances even the best of persons could become a torturer.
In the prologue to this play, Benedetti writes: "I see the play as a dramatic inquiry into the psychology of the torturer, a sort of answer to the question of what it takes, what has to be going on, for an ordinary person to become a torturer.
The torturer spoke of being worn out by the torture.
The torturer must always emphasise his "good faith," "honest beliefs," and the reasonable premise for them.
The torturer must always emphasize his "good faith," "honest beliefs," and the reasonable premise for them.
Summary: The chief Khmer Rouge torturer has formally apologised for the deaths of more than 14,000 people at S-21 prison.
Hugo Garcia [a Uruguayan torturer] told me that the Argentine torturers were far worse than the Uruguayan.
The disturbing appeal of Jack the Torturer reflects a wounded and frightened national psyche, a desire to lash out at those responsible for 9/11, and the frustration of a superpower unable to defeat a ragged band of terrorists.