torture chamber

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a room in which torture is inflicted

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This year, Garff and Huguely have rebuilt the prison and the torture chamber and filled the forest with zombie prisoners, flesh melted hillbillies, mad scientists, and various forms of the undead.
But real-life hubby Niall admits the writer, aka Erika Leonard, gets frustrated when people ask if they have their own torture chamber at home.
Summary: Walking into Hamra's Agial gallery this month you might be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time to a medieval torture chamber.
After he lured anti-corruption cop Arnott (Martin Compston) to a torture chamber, I think we now know the answer.
A SICK loner imprisoned a woman in a DIY torture chamber wired up to eight bombs.
1935: Ivan the Terrible's torture chamber was unearthed in Moscow.
There is more evidence that he's gaga because he wheels around a giant metal elephant, which he uses as a red-hot torture chamber.
It opens with the discovery of a teenager's mutilated body in a basement torture chamber.
Feeling your way back do you pass the tormented mummies hanging in their torture chamber or creep past the gruesome graveyard with the skeleton crawling out of its coffin and the Angel of Death flying overhead?
But the reality of the torture chamber came to light when a 13- year- old inmate broke down before a magistrate, narrating his ordeal at the hands of superintendant Bhupender Kumar.
An Amnesty spokesman said: "Any hint that the UK may be content to accept information that may be fresh from the torture chamber is very dangerous.
uk Chillingham Castle Medieval fortress with Italianate gardens, torture chamber, chapel and tearooms.
In true dungeon style, gore-seeking guests will be greeted by decaying bodies, chanting monks, mediaeval medical instruments, leeches and a torture chamber.
The themed attraction uses live actors and special effects and will transport visitors into the darkest chapters of the castle's history, from terrors in the torture chamber to the foul pestilence of the plague.