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Synonyms for tortuousness

a tortuous and twisted shape or position

puzzling complexity

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but are preceded and succeeded by different degrees of tortuousness.
The "complicated" and "irregular" manner of the building's construction, to say nothing of its intricacy and tortuousness, is intended to bewilder and deceive those moving within its confines so as to disorientate them, leaving them powerless, uncertain, frustrated, even terrified by movement or stasis.
48) He does acknowledge that "many revisionist historians accept the traditional view" of the period's Soviet origins, which again betrays the tortuousness and fragility of these categories.
However, CTA and MRA of the coronary arteries are technically difficult due to movement, small diameter (3 - 4 mm) and tortuousness of the arteries.
They have, therefore, not only assumed a tactically weak position but they have endangered the whole negotiating process, already notable for its tortuousness.