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Synonyms for tortuous

Synonyms for tortuous

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

not taking a direct or straight line or course

Synonyms for tortuous

highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

marked by repeated turns and bends

not straightforward

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They demonstrated how, time and again, research findings have been tortuously shoehorned into fitting the anti-sat fat paradigm, pointing to all the 'anomalies' that never fitted the theory, Why, they asked, when consumption of sat fat has decreased in both the UK and US, are populations increasingly ill and obese?
8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The federal review process for genetically engineered food animals, now being applied to fast-growing salmon, is tortuously drawn out, scientifically unjustified, and likely to rob society of both environmental and economic benefits, argue researchers at the University of California, Davis, and Purdue University.
Mr Robb's method throughout is to approach his subject tangentially through details that sooner or later, sometimes tortuously, arrive at their destination.
According to the complaint, "All of the defendants knowingly, willfully and tortuously interfered with the contractual and business relationships between Giraffe and its clients.
Reilly, who is wasted on a heady mixture of vodka and Red Bull, gives a tortuously embarrassing impromptu rendition of the song.
Before serious membership negotiations - themselves a tortuously lengthy process - can begin, the EU will have to agree that Kosovo is, in fact, a country.
Our first sight of poor old Reggie is during the unforgettable opening credits when he is seen stripping off on a beach and swimming out to sea, in a bid to escape his tortuously tedious life as a sales executive at Sunshine Desserts (not that he actually swims out very far).
9 has been tortuously slow and, while we do not want to return to the days of knee-jerk buys, Hughton must take the plunge in double-quick time because we have waited long enough for one reason or another.
SAMMY CLINGAN'S transfer from Norwich to Coventry was a tortuously drawn-out affair - but he has certainly made up for lost time since finally arriving at the Ricoh Arena.
And America has become tortuously slow, way behind world standards, in building any kind of infrastructure.
It goes without saying that justice should be blind but not tortuously slow.
Why then has this deal, tortuously arrived at after eight months of negotiations, hit a wall?
There's not a single straight road; they wind tortuously over the mountains and along the coastline, pressing through the maquis, a dense jungle of aromatic shrubs that smothers much of the land.
The sequence of panels of the funeral later in the strip, with Spiegelman's father, Vladek, splayed on the coffin tortuously wailing "ANNA ANNA ANNA," left me in tears when I first read it and still has the same effect after so many years.
Police, fire and emergency medical response officials acknowledged that public safety was compromised during the storm because the wall-to-wall traffic on snow-covered, slick roads made it tortuously difficult to move police cruisers, firetrucks and ambulances around the city.