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Synonyms for tortuosity

a tortuous and twisted shape or position

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including both convection and diffusion, or just considering pure diffusion), adopting effective porosity, taking into account tortuosity, and specifying a correct effective heat conduction coefficient, etc.
Our students, over the years, worked out ways to regulate the migration of drugs across the barrier by regulating tortuosity.
For example, consider the degree of tortuosity and luminal diameter of the vessels in the clinical application and material composition as the test system is developed.
A preoperative cardiac catheterization showed aneurismal dilation and severe tortuosity of left circumflex coronary artery draining into the coronary sinus (Fig.
Also, their nanosize increases the tortuosity of the penetration path of corrosive ions, which will cause a delay in the corrosion process.
For porous structures like in electrodes from a lithium-ion battery, the notion of tortuosity is introduced [21], which relates the minimum distance within a pore to the shortest distance between pixels.
Most important characteristics are the effective density, the number and the nature of fiber-fiber contacts, and the orientation, shape and tortuosity of the fibers.
We need to see if our inexpensive ultrasound-based method of blood vessel visualization and tortuosity analysis can detect this normalization prior to conventional assessments of tumor response to therapy, such as measurements of tumor size.
Moreover, in an in vivo model of the chorioallantoic membrane of the chicken embryo, prolactin enhances vessel density and the tortuosity of the vasculature and pillar formation, which are hallmarks of intussusceptive angiogenesis.
Raines' new children's book helps youngsters feel more confident and less frightened about visiting a hospital or a doctor's office and also gives some much needed publicity to Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome.
A compass without a map: tortuosity and orientation of eastern painted turtles (Chrysemys picta picta) released in unfamiliar territory.
CT scan done 2 years later revealed marked dilatation and tortuosity of the main pancreatic duct (12-13mm at the head) with atrophy of the body and tail (Fig1).
Steve Demairis of Mississippi State University looked at how hunter movement affected deer in terms of movement rate, tortuosity (path complexity), habitat selection and observation rate in a control (no hunting) and two treatment areas: low and high hunter density.