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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

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For straight paths, both morphological and acoustic tortuosities are equal to 1 because in this case, we can write: <[[?
In order to estimate the morphological tortuosities of every path linking a voxel v of a set X to two opposite faces A and B of X (Eq.
In summary, as the ponded area increased, tortuosities (i) increased from a given point on the surface, (ii) became more variable, and (iii) became increasingly smaller in streamlines to the lower drain than to the upper drain.
5 cm in the model, equivalent to 2 m in the field) divided by the velocity of the slowest streamline in a ponding zone or segment within a zone gave the required travel times, allowing for the tortuosities in that zone.
In an essay entitled "Style" appearing in the Gentleman's Magazine of 1833, an anonymous author spends some ink admonishing the "uncouth and obscure tortuosities of phrase" used by his contemporaries.
Mean and variance of tortuosities computed for simulated and extracted fibers.
For moisture contents at or above field capacity, any potential effect of soil tortuosities are eliminated and DGT measurements reflect solution concentrations (Hooda et al.
2005) proposed simple geometry models for tortuosities in two-dimensional porous medium with cubic and spherical particles.
This has the essential advantage that not only a single value is obtained, like the effective path length being a mean value, but a whole distribution of local geometric tortuosities can be considered, which contains much more information.
On the one hand the histograms of tortuosities in the transverse Ox and Oy directions are almost superimposed because of the isotropy of the orientations of the fibres and cylinders in the xOy planes.