tortoiseshell butterfly

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The reasons behind the decline of the small tortoiseshell butterfly is a mystery to scientists.
Examiner reader, Gordon Whittles, a butterfly enthusiast, said: "Me and my wife had been out to lunch and when we came back there was a tortoiseshell butterfly, which is very unusual for this time of year.
TRAIL BLAZER: A small tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on dahlia nectar (S)
Flutter forward the small tortoiseshell butterfly which took things a bit too far by emerging from hibernation in a sheltered West Kirby garden on January 25.
A small tortoiseshell butterfly, thriving in the hot summer of 2013
From a music festival in a Tyneside park - starring the Lightning Seeds - to a Tortoiseshell butterfly in Northumberland, they act as a reminder that summer's still here, despite all the rain we've had.
Still only February but for the last two years I have seen a small tortoiseshell butterfly out of hibernation before Valentine's Day - both in sheltered sunshine around midday.
A Tortoiseshell Butterfly on French Marigolds at Hartlepool.
STRIKING: A small Tortoiseshell butterfly suns itself on a flower.
Is it however the reason that we've had one large tortoiseshell butterfly and three red admirals on our buddleia bush?
Flickr user Huntcliff took this picture of a small tortoiseshell butterfly and a wasp
on a wing Jenny Wilcock, of New Mill, and the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly - also magnified, left - found in the daffodils she bought in Holmfirth